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About Us

GF Genovate have a proven track record in developing large scale energy projects, totalling in excess of 2GW of distributed power generation. We have grown organically through a bold and agile strategy for transforming and implementing new ideas which is reflected in our way of doing business; our business model means we are swift to respond to opportunities.

Our level of asset encumbrance is unprecedented in the market, enabling us to offer a full turnkey EPC solution for clients. We are committed to ensuring the optimal strategy for your project whilst supporting the economic development of surrounding communities.

What We Do

Specialising in the Development, Build and Operation of energy projects up to utility scale, our business reputation is built on meeting the needs of our customers. We evaluate each project and take a pragmatic engineering approach that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. Our team are constantly developing and reviewing engineering estimates of energy savings for energy efficiency, renewable energy and demand response measures and programs. We continue to develop and acquire new projects in the UK and have a long-term commitment to the ongoing deployment of low carbon gas to power technologies in the UK. Ongoing acquisitions include the Service, Operation and Maintenance of the Green Frog gas and diesel to power generation fleet totalling in excess of 500MWe plus other clients which are now part of the wider GF Genovate portfolio.

What Choose Us

We aim to give you the customer a smooth, hassle free online experience. We are experts in the field of Energy Solutions and feel we have the best quality products at the most competitive prices on the web. We are not just here to sell you the goods but also provide you with all the information and guidance you need.

To make an enquiry, please use the form provided on the relevant product page.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate getting in touch, either by telephone on 0800 689 0597 or email us on desk@greenfroggenovate.co.uk

Contact Us

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